At Howard Bank, business is 总是 个人. It’s the difference between a good banker and an exceptional one. We believe that outstanding service doesn’t come from a set of guidelines. It comes from understanding the connection you have with the people you serve. We believe that the fate of a business isn’t decided solely on numbers, but also the quality of the person sitting right in front of you. And we believe that good values are not old-fashioned, they’re how legacies are built. We want to be a place w在这里 we are making a difference. Whether we're making someone’s dreams come true, making their dollar stretch a bit further, or simply making their day a little brighter.


Building our legacy by helping others build theirs.


To help build enduring legacies for our customers, our employees and our community.

We will achieve this by combining expertise with experience, staying committed to our values, and dedicating ourselves to building lasting relationships with the people we serve.


Our values are our driving force behind all of our actions and communications. 他们是我们的 真北; everything we do and say should express these beliefs:


We don’t just work 在这里; we’re from 在这里. So we help people who live 在这里 succeed. From our people, to our customers, to the communities we serve, Howard Bank is invested.


We love what we do because what we do matters. It drives us to do our best work, compels us to build tighter teams, and helps us forge lasting relationships.


We’re really good at what we do. But it’s more than our banking pedigree. Our wealth of experience coupled with our local market intelligence enables us to deliver financial advice based on real-world experience, not just the numbers.


At Howard Bank, agility is as much about proaction as it is reaction. It’s about being able to offer a quick solution and a straight answer – often before the question is even asked.


Howard Bank will make a difference. First, for the small business owner, his or her business, family, and employees. This is about building dreams and legacies. What we do through a unique hands-on approach to customer service can have an impact that touches all parts of their lives. And then the effect will spread. By investing our time, energy and resources into one business after another, one family after another, we help to assure that the communities we serve will remain great places to live and work.