Storing your company’s rainy-day funds in a Howard Bank Business Money Market Account is a smart financial move. You earn a higher interest rate on your money than you would with a basic savings account, and you can easily access your money when you need it. Simply transfer funds* (some limitations apply) to your business checking account or write a limited number of checks* directly from the account.

We’ll pay you a variable, competitive interest rate that depends on which tier your daily money market balance falls into. Our money market accounts typically incur a monthly service charge, but you can avoid the fee by maintaining a $1,000 minimum balance.**


Our team can help put your business savings to work for you. Call us at  or stop by a nearby branch location or fill out the Request An Appointment form below.

* Withdrawal privileges and limitations: You can make unlimited ATM and in-person branch withdrawals from your business money market account. You also can make up to six (6) automatic or pre-authorized transfers, debits (including checks) or similar external withdrawals per statement cycle. After that limit, we may notify you that we need to convert your account to a different type of interest-bearing account.

** You may be charged a monthly fee if your daily balance falls below this minimum amount. Contact a bank representative for more details.