You benefit from keeping money in your company accounts as long as possible, so you can earn interest on the funds or use them if needed. Howard’s disbursement and collection products allow you to do that 2 different ways. You can:

  • Collect money from customers quickly (collections), using electronic methods whenever possible
  • Carefully control outgoing payments (disbursements), so your company always has enough money available for investing and other needs

We want your business funds to work as hard as you do. Our treasury management experts can help you build a customized set of collections and disbursement options. Choices include:

  • Automated clearing house (ACH) origination: Collect and make electronic ACH payments – a particularly good option for recurring transactions, including business payroll – through our online business banking service.
  • Wire transfer: Securely and quickly move business funds all over the world.
  • Remote deposit: This option, also known as “Merchant Capture,” allows you to deposit checks electronically, right from your office.
  • Merchant services: Expand your customer base by accepting credit and debit cards while enjoying next-day funds availability. 
  • Business Credit Cards: Manage expenses and make purchases with tight controls using our credit card solutions. 

Learn more about ACH, wire transfer and remote deposit in our online banking offerings.


Are you ready to explore the collection and disbursement management options that fit your business?

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